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And if you need another reason to register for the World Championships in July: there will be a draw for some very nice prizes with the bib numbers of the competitors, so REGISTER and see you on Sunday 17 July when the results are announced.


E se avete bisogno di un altro motivo per iscrivervi ai Campionati del Mondo di luglio: ci sarà un'estrazione di premi molto belli con i numeri di pettorale dei concorrenti, quindi ISCRIVETEVI e ci vediamo domenica 17 luglio quando verranno annunciati i risultati.


Und wenn es noch einen Grund geben sollte, sich für die Weltmeisterschaften im Juli anzumelden: Es wird eine Verlosung von sehr schönen Preisen mit den Startnummern der Teilnehmer geben, also MELDEN SIE SICH AN und wir sehen uns am Sonntag, den 17. Juli, wenn die Ergebnisse verkündet werden.


En als u nog een reden nodig heeft om u in te schrijven voor de wereldkampioenschappen in juli: er worden enkele mooie prijzen verloot met de rugnummers van de deelnemers, dus schrijf u in en tot ziens op zondag 17 juli wanneer de resultaten bekend worden gemaakt.


Let's create an unforgettable event with you!


L'Association Française de Vélocouché (AFV) is pleased to announce that the 2022 World Championships will be held in France on 15 - 16 & 17 July.


The commune of Orgelet was very interested in our organisation, after a scouting of the different sites we submitted our candidature to WHPVA (World Human Powered Vehicule Association) which was accepted.


We still have a few months to settle the administrative "details" and to prepare an exceptional welcome.  We are counting on you.



A word from the President of AFV

About the organisation of the 2022 World Championships


Alain, the Secretary of the AFV, is fortunate to have some friends on the Orgelet Town Council, including the Mayor. When they heard that we were looking for a site to organise the World Championships, they immediately offered to host the event on 15, 16 and 17 July 2022, because they could make the magnificent Bellecin open-air base available to us on these dates.


So we went to the site to see the possibilities in terms of road circuits and accommodation, and we tested the routes on the spot in 2-wheelers, velomobile and trike.


Orgelet, like Saône in 2014, is practically in the geographical middle of Europe, so not far from Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, etc.


We found a very beautiful region, with deep forests, lakes and hills, and small roads with good surfacing, and so we proposed our bid to organise the next session of the World Championships.


The organisation of the event is actually quite simple: our team in the AFV has already done it twice in the last eight years, and the Region is the same as in 2014, so we are no strangers to many of the administrative departments.


Our tasks are limited to identifying the routes, requesting all the authorisations, meeting the elected representatives of Orgelet and the surrounding villages, and preparing everything concerning the information and promotion of the event.


In the end, it was quite a lot of work, but we have a year of preparation, and we now have some experience to build on.


Like the previous sessions in France, we are organising a gathering of non-competitors in the same week, for a tourist discovery of the region. This way we are sure to have many volunteers during the three days of competition.


As you can see, everything is ready to welcome you in the best conditions, and we have even ordered good weather!



Orgelet - Jura



Orgelet is an easily accessible city in the Jura

By car:

- 105 km from Genève - A40

- 138 km from Lyon - A42

- 80 km from Chalon sur Saône - A6

By train: nearest stations are Cousance and Lons le Saunier about 30km away.

By bike: Eurovelo6 to Besançon or Dole then 70km on roads.


Location of the races

Orange: Hill race; Blue: Sprints; Purple: Criterium

Some background on L'association Française de Vélocouché (AFV)

The Association was created just after the World Recumbent Bike Championships in Allègre, organised by France-HPV. The activities of the latter were more oriented towards tourism and amateur construction. Vincent Pfister was the founding President, and the name of the Association was slightly different, "Association Française des Bentrideurs", a name which was actually a joke, in allusion to the French pronunciation of "Bentrider".


When we organised the World Championships in Saône in 2014, President Sébastien Courteille changed the name of the Association before undertaking the administrative procedures, and his successor is Olivier Cresson, who started his mandate just before the World Championships in Nandax in 2019.


The activities of the AFV are tourism, race organisation and lobbying elected officials to develop infrastructures that do not exist or hardly exist in France. The AFV has about 260 members, many of whom are involved in tourism: week-long gatherings called "Vélorizons" are organised in all regions, to discover picturesque sites on small roads.


There is no paper magazine, but a website ( and a lot of messages and information exchanged on the "yellow" forum (


The association is recognised by the French federation "UFOLEP", which organises each year the National Time trial and the road races with the participation of the recumbent bicycles. Unfortunately the date of these races coincided this year (2021) with the World Championships, which is why all the riders - except the President of the AFV - were absent in Amsterdam.

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