List of registered participants

If you have the green light OK, everything is fine! If not check your bank transfer and medical certificate validity.

World championships 2019 Nandax - List of participants as of: 17/03/2019 15:01:47  
Championnats du Monde 2019 Nandax - liste des participants
Lastname Firstname Nationality Number Sex Vehicle Class Validation state
Non Prénom Nationalité F/M Type de Vélo Validation
LEPAGE Christian F UF - 1 M UF (vélo couché non caréné) OK
KLOMP Werner A FF - 1 M FF (Velomobile) med certif
JAHAN Roberto F TR - 1 M TR (Trike) OK
BENNINGHOFEN Ulrich D TR - 2 M TR (Trike) med certif
EYHARABERRY Jean-Marc F TR - 3 M TR (Handbike) OK
COURTEILLE Sébastien F UF - 2 M UF (vélo couché non caréné) OK
TRENSON Jan B FF - 2 M FF (2 wheel + Velomobile) med certif
LECLERC Rodolphe F TR - 4 M TR (Trike) OK
BOSSARD Ronan F UF - 3 M UF (vélo couché non caréné) med certif
FRANCKX Dennis B FF - 3 M FF med certif