Recumbents and other bikes exhibition

Friday 15 July 2022
- Bellecin Sports Centre from 9am until the end of the first event at around 7pm

Saturday 16th July 2022
- Recumbent Bike Show in Orgelet on the car park of the multipurpose hall.  The dealers will be able to install themselves in the morning. A refreshment bar with take-away food will be in place to welcome the competitors and the spectators at the end of the speed events show from 2pm to 7.30pm.

- exhibition of the racer's bikes

- booths from professional resellers or manufacturers

- home made bikes presentation

Sunday 17th July 2022
Everything will take place in Rothonay where the retailers will have to set up before 8.30 am for the whole day. After the race it will be possible to have lunch (take-away) while waiting for the prize-giving at about 3 pm.


This aims to be a place of discovery, exchange around bikes, and why not purchase one.

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